International contracts

At Nebot & Páez we provide advice on international contracts, with a focus on the legal aspects of trading internationally both for exporters and importers, with the main goal of identifying risks and meeting the challenges of the international market expansion of businesses.

We stand by our clients through their internationalization and assist them with the negotiation, preparation and enforcement of international sales contracts, characterized by their specific commercial terms, document and transport requirements; customs procedures; etc.. Similarly, we assist clients with the selection and design of the proper finance formula for their international business.

In addition to the usual advice on international contracts, we also assist our clients with matters related to the international aspects of e-commerce and intellectual property.

Likewise, we offer support with the drafting/adaptation, enforcement and follow-up of construction and engineering international contracts under FIDIC model contracts (International Federation of Consulting Engineers).


José Carlos PaezPablo Crespo NogueirasYasmín Haik

Last news

Moot Madrid UC3M and DLA Piper Global Vis Pre-Moot: we very much enjoyed sitting as arbitrator

2 & 9/04/2019

2019/04/12|0 Comments

This year too, our lawyer José Páez sat as arbitrator in the Moot Madrid UC3M and also in the DLA Piper Global Vis Pre-Moot.

Panel organized by ICC YAF and the Spanish Arbitration Club under 40 on confidentiality in commercial arbitration


2019/03/18|0 Comments

On March 14 we attended the presentation organized by the ICC YAF and the CEA-40 (Spanish Arbitration Club under 40) "Ten shots on confidentiality in commercial arbitration: interview with institution, counsel and client", in which the [...]

Proposal to reform WTO?


2018/06/27|0 Comments

Emmanuel Macron calls for the improvement of WTO Appellate Body and the rehaul of antidumping rules, in particular in relation to intellectual property and how it is protected. Access the news.

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