Entertainment law

The links between sports law and entertainment law (media and broadcasting rights, image rights, tax specificities, etc.) have led the Firm to, first, take an interest in entertainment law and, in turn, to develop an expertise in this area.

Currently, we advise important musical promoters on the organization of public shows and events.


Joaquín Maiques Calduch


Last news

Clubs will be able to resort to collective dismissals for the termination of footballers’ contracts


2021/05/25|0 Comments

Clubs seeking to avail themselves of this possibility may try to rely on the financial losses incurred in the last two seasons. Players under contract may be included in said collective dismissals. For a dismissal [...]

The Supreme Court upholds the ruling that obliges Real Madrid to pay compensation to a former player


2021/05/15|0 Comments

The club must pay 1.56 million euros to Francisco Manuel Tena, a former member of Real Madrid B team, whose contract was terminated without compensation. Around 95% of the compensation granted was intended to make [...]

Football Stakeholders Committee agrees on key principles pertaining to the third reform package


2021/05/14|0 Comments

International transfer of minors Squad sizes (loans) Registration periods (transfer windows) Financial regulation Other regulatory matters Read the publication HERE 

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