TMT (Technology, Media and Telecoms)

We provide legal advice toTMT and IT sector businesses. Our advice encompasses matters such as network deployment, radioelectric public domain, numbering, addressing and denomination, TMT’s sanctions system, and related procedures before regulatory bodies, as well as users’ rights, data protection and network security and integrity, e-commerce and intellectual and industrial property on the Internet.


José Carlos Paez

Last news

IOC makes landmark move into virtual sports by announcing first- ever olympic virtual series


2021/04/22|0 Comments

The International Olympic Committee announced the creation of this electronic competition together with the international federations of baseball, cycling, rowing, sailing and motor racing. Read the publication  HERE 

Presentation of the 2017 annual report on the audiovisual and telecommunications sector in Spain


2018/12/24|0 Comments

A little later than expected, but the publication of the 2017 annal report on the audiovisual and telecommunications sectors by the the Spanish Competition and Markets Commission confirmed the good shape of the sectors in [...]

Worldlwide overview of the videogame creators considered eSports: Tencent Games (Fortnite and League of Legends); Activision Blizzard; and Nintendo


2018/06/27|0 Comments

The videogame tournament boom threatens to affect the profitability of videogames traditional producers. Read the news (in Spanish).  

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