EU Law and competition

The good understanding of EU institutions allows our Firm to identify the right solutions for each case and to provide efficient advice in fundamental freedoms procedures (free movement of goods and services; people; and capital; and freedom of establishment) and other areas of EU Law before EU Courts, the European Ombudsman and other European and national institutions and bodies.

Furthermore, at Nebot & Páez we offer a service of analysis and monitoring of EU legislation and sector-specific regulations and schemes in the field relevant for the client.

Regarding competition law, we advise professional associations and businesses from all economic sectors in Spain and before the EU. We assist with the design and preparation of a suitable compliance program, with the aim of avoiding bad practices likely to breach competition law rules; and we represent clients in administrative infringement procedures as well as appeals and claims before regulatory bodies and Spanish and EU judicial bodies.


José Carlos Paez

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The European Commission fines Nike €12.5 million


2019/04/12|0 Comments

The European Commission fines Nike €12.5 million for restricting cross-border sales of merchandising products of some of Europe's best-known football clubs and federations, for which Nike held the licence.  European Commission press release

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